When you live in the country life is more simple. The sound of crickets at night and the chorus of birds in the morning are music to your ears. The treasures found in nature rival any that city life has to offer. The sky lights up at night for a full show with occasional shooting stars. The few times I’ve been unfortunate enough to be in large cities for more than a few days I’ve felt restricted and claustrophobic by the noise and pollution.

I live in a small city with less than 20,000 population. We’re on the outskirts in a nice suburb area, but even this is too much. We want to move to a place with mountains nearby. Watching the sunset at the top of a ridge, swimming in mountain lakes, walking through forest paths, these are things I look forward to. We’ll see what God has in store. Country living is one aspect of minimizing stress in your life to live more simply.