While I’m still reading this book, I wanted to share a few thoughts. Tim makes a strong case for reading books, specifically. He likens a book to a hearty meal. It fills you up, nourishes you, and prepares you for the day ahead to dispense your knowledge and bless others.

Other forms of reading such as magazines, newspapers, blog articles, and more are likened to snacks and candy. There are appropriate times for each but you’ll suffer if they are the only thing you’re digesting.

A non-fiction book is a whole meal all in one. Sometimes it can be a person’s lifework all wrapped up in one complete thought. They’ve worked through an idea, living through it every day, and have spent time to hash it out on paper to share with others. A magazine article, on the other hand, may be a single thought that hasn’t been fully developed. To use the food analogy again books are fully baked and ready to go.