Writing must be simple. In the quest to find a good writing program I realized two things are important to me. First, whether I’m saving a quick thought on my iPod Touch, or writing a full article on my laptop, my notes need to be captured ubiquitously online or offline. Second, it has to be dead simple.

I use simplenote, a free cloud based application that syncs wirelessly between my laptop and iPod Touch. Setup an account at simplenoteapp.com and you can download various applications for your devices. I downloaded Notational Velocity to sync simplenote with my Mac. It’s simple, loads quickly, and stays out of my way while I write. Only basic formatting is available, but that’s perfect for me. When I’m writing I don’t want to be distracted, I just want to have a blank page in front of me. It’s extremely simple and keeps all my notes in one place.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch you can download simplenote from the App Store. Checkout this post from lifehacker if you want to learn how to have all your notes synced wirelessly between your devices.