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Having a good day

Sometimes there are days where you’ve done it. You accomplished a herculean task. You got all the way through and by applying every last bit of energy you pulled off the impossible. Days like that are magical, and unfortunately, can be rare. If you’ve reached that point in a day where it’s all come together […]

Paired designing

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with our team on several design related projects. Since we’re all remote, and only get a few opportunities a year to spend time in the same room, we need to find a way to work in collaboration.  While it’s not quite a perfect system, remote paired designing […]

Doing too much

It’s a bit of a circular game. You’re available to do stuff, so you say yes, and yes, and yes some more. Then pretty soon you’ve taken on too much, and things start to slip. At first it’s just a little, barely noticeable.  Then, over time you get used to it. The slipping becomes normal. […]

Be kind to yourself

You’re generous, understanding, and forgiving of your best friends. You understand when they mess up and aren’t able to meet everything they thought they could. You’re there for everyone else, you’re making a difference for others, giving consideration for when things just couldn’t quite come together, and recognizing the frailty of humanity.  So, why aren’t […]


My son is five years old. I’m busy. Life gets in the way. Work is always there, another conference call, another task, just one more email. It never stops. It’s easy to keep going, to tell yourself that an extra couple of hours in the evening will make a difference. But then my son sits […]