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Getting away

On Friday I stepped away from work. Lots going on, but I had done what I could to get things in place for Monday. And with that, for the most part I was off until Monday morning.  On Saturday our family spent some time in the afternoon hiking with friends out in nature. Part of […]

Stay low fidelity

If you’ve ever try to build something, at some point you’ll need to figure out what it should look like. As a result you’ll probably turn to creating a wireframe or prototype. That’s a good thing. Try to get it into a visual medium (a sketch, a cardboard prop, a whiteboard diagram). However, as you […]

Fear from too much

There are times where we may feel that we have a bit too much going on. That might mean having a bunch of unactioned emails, unmarked todo list items, unread Slack messages (marked that way after taking a peak), or handful of text docs floating around. At these times it’s easy for paralysis to set in. […]

Having a good day

Sometimes there are days where you’ve done it. You accomplished a herculean task. You got all the way through and by applying every last bit of energy you pulled off the impossible. Days like that are magical, and unfortunately, can be rare. If you’ve reached that point in a day where it’s all come together […]