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Slicing bread

There’s a passage in the Bible where Paul, one of the early church leaders, talks about a problem in a community (1 Corinthians 3). Apollos and Paul, two preachers who loved to share with others, were both teaching and preaching in the same general area. As a result some people started calling themselves followers of Paul, […]

Universal notes

Evernote, Apple Notes, Simplenote, TextEdit, Notepad++, Field Notes, Google Docs, Confluence. Over the last decade I’ve tried out a lot of options for capturing notes. My perfect notes doc would: Be universal – It’s always with me, or easily accessible. This doesn’t necessarily preclude an analog option, such as my beloved Rhodia notebook, but it’s […]

The value of design

Earlier today I attended a talk by Adam Morgan, a senior Creative Director at Adobe. He shared why creativity and design matter, and why they deserve a seat at the table alongside logic and data. The question that started the talk was, “do creative ideas work better?”. To find out the answer he discussed the differences […]

Taking a break

This weekend I spent a few days by myself in the middle of nowhere. Thank you my lovely wife for handling the kiddos by herself! I’ll likely share some more thoughts soon, but the short takeaway is it’s important to take time to think; to stop and take stock of what’s going on. For myself […]