If you create websites for a living this article is for you. Do you want to ensure that the only time the client uses you as a referral is when they’re swearing? If so, here are three surefire ways to make sure you never successfully complete a web design project.
  1. Don’t agree on a scope

    Before you start the project only speak of the scope in vague terms. Make sure that you speak in person, or on the phone, so that anything you agree on won’t be in writing. Also, never agree to sign a contract, or provide a written estimate. You’re counting on the client having a fuzzy memory, that way you can…

  2. Over promise and under deliver

    Anytime the client mentions an idea agree that it can be done, even if you have no idea how to do it. Make the project as big and grandiose as possible, promising that it will be the next big thing, with millions of guaranteed visitors in the first six months. Always say yes to every request, and throw in a bunch of ideas yourself. Then promise it all for the lowest price possible.

  3. Make sure you’re under qualified

    Don’t take on projects that you can actually handle, make sure they are way out of your expertise and skills. If they client needs the website created in a specific technology, an acronym you’ve never heard of, ensure them that it can be done without a problem.

  4. Communication

    If you’ve over promised and under delivered you’ll likely close the project. Now, to ensure that the project fails you’ll want to do everything you can to confuse communication. Don’t stop communicating altogether, the client might get suspicious. Instead, wait as long as possible between every phone call and email until the client is completely impatient. Disappear for a month at a time, coming back with the revised version of the site and insisting that it’s perfect without their input.

  5. If you do these four things, especially ensuring that communication is as convoluted as possible, you’ll be sure to fail at every project you start.

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