Joshua Wold


Setting priorities straight

Our society is distracted. Information comes at us from all directions vying for our attention. We are connected to streams of communication and constant activity. A wealth of knowledge is at our fingertips with answers for any conceivable question. We are more connected and social than ever before. The question is, at what price? Has the speed of society and the ever expanding wealth of information come at a cost?

When I moved from California to a rural part of the Midwest I was struck by the contrast in the pace at which life moved. I went from speeding on the highways just to stay with traffic to being stuck behind an Amish horse and buggy. My life came to a crawl. Subconsciously I was able to catch my breath. Initially I had no internet, barely any phone reception and little contact with society. This period of my life helped me connect with God more closely than ever before. I valued the time spent reading spiritual books without distractions. Of course life picked up again, but for this period I was able to appreciate something unique, a quiet life.

I value that time spent and, years later, am attempting to cut the unnecessary out of my life. We may have 1000+ friends on Facebook, but are these real connections, are these real friends? It’s important to find out what distractions are holding you back. Identify them and cut them out of your life. Then you can focus on things that really matter.