Capisco Chair by HÅG

My process for buying a new product is, from an outsider’s perspective, rather slow and uncertain. I often spend months thinking about a product and trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it into my personal or work life. My new office chair was no exception.

For six months I researched chair options, read reviews, watched videos, and scoured sites where various office chairs were highlighted.

Long story short, I landed on the Capisco Chair by HÅG. I may write about it more later, but I wanted to give a quick review of my experience one week in.

The first full day in the chair was a bit challenging. My legs and butt had to adjust to seeing in a chair in a more active upright position. Normally I slouch, or pull a foot up to sit under, and switch between a bunch of non conventional seating options. By the end of the first and second day I was sore and tired of sitting.

However, as the week progressed I found it got a bit easier to sit.

This chair forces you to sit straight up, and also means you’re sitting more directly on your butt. I basically can’t slouch anymore.

This is probably the first time in the three years of working from home that I’ve actually spent a week sitting with a decent ergonomic posture. For me that’s a good thing.

I’m hoping to write more about this as time progresses, especially since I found few detailed reviews on this chair during my own research.