This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sivers, to share what I’m working on at the moment. I’ll keep it updated as things change.

““You create your luck by being healthy and not regretting the past or being anxious about the future.” James Altucher”


Northern Idaho

Professional title:

Product Designer, Product Owner. Working at XWP

What do you do?

I like telling stories. This crosses into my daily life with friends and family, into my work where I write user stories for projects, and into the evenings when I work on my three in progress novels.

Most days you’ll find me working, spending time with my family, hiking around the Inland Northwest, and working toward publishing my first novel.

2020 was not a great year for exercise, and I’m starting 2021 off with a short daily run, more for energy throughout the day then for anything else, and some pushups.

My son is now 7 years old, and my daughter 3. Together my wife and I try to shape their days to the best of their ability. My wife is currently homeschooling, so that has made our house a lovely chaos as we navigate a new world together.

What are you reading?

  • Re-reading Alchemy
  • The Book of Koli
  • The Gospels (Bible)