Apple Passwords

I’m excited about the passwords app from Apple.

As a 1Password user for years, I’ve love great password management and, controversies aside, feel like 1P has nailed it. 

I keep hundreds of logins locked away in my 1Password vault, protected by TouchID and a long safe password, known to my wife and I. I’ve been tempted to transition to something else, and may try Apple Passwords. Over the last week, while running iOS 18 Betas, I’ve slowly started to allow Apple to remember each password I use. After some time I’ll test a switch over. 

My password system is a bit odd, though. I like having some friction between logging into accounts. For instance, I have a problem with checking email too often. So I’ll logout daily, forcing myself to log back in. Going into 1P and manually pasting passwords in (I disable autofill) is fine, as it takes me a good 30 seconds to do so. Making things more automatic with Apple might defeat one of my personal goals of having a bit of a disconnect between myself and apps I’m trying to check less often.