Apple’s Vision Pro may replace my desktop monitors

Over the years my digital workspace has transformed through the viewport of various screen sizes. I started my career with a 13″ CRT monitor as a teenager. At 15 I bought my own 15″ laptop. At 19 I purchased two 22″ Acer laptops and put them on a desk. I had it made.

Later I bought an LG Ultrafine 5k (27-inch) and when that died dropped back down to a 14″ MacBook Pro. That’s where I’m sitting now. Everything I design and craft is through that screen, alongside my iPad mini for low-fidelity sketching.

With Apple’s Vision Pro announcement I was interested in one thing: could I realistically use this in place of a single or dual-monitor screen situation.

The answer, based on the keynote today, is maybe.

Having large screen real estate in a virtual space could be a big deal. Being able to open apps, draw, sketch, design and have large reference screens beside me, all those things could be game changing.

The challenge is how it all works together.

Here’s an inventory of the apps I use right now:

  • Figma
  • Freeform
  • Bear notes
  • Safari
  • Things 3
  • iCloud Drive
  • Zoom
  • Notion
  • Audacity
  • Chrome (for podcast recording)
  • Illustrator

These apps make up 95% of my usage on a Mac. So if I can use the Vision Pro as a secondary monitor situation for the Mac, and connect my keyboard and Apple Mouse, then it feels like a no brainer to buy.

I’m curious about focusing. Will things feel shaky when I’m trying to adjust pixels or sketch?

I have so many questions, but I’m excited. Will this replace larger monitors?

Going to spend far too many hours over the next year analyzing that question and figuring out if this is for me.