The stuff we keep

Stuff complicates our lives. It can become a plague, increasing and demanding space, creeping into our closets, drawers, garages, basements and attics. The longer it’s there the harder it becomes to part with. As a result we buy larger houses or rent storage units. Moving becomes a nightmare. Take action today. Start small. Pick an […]

Setting priorities straight

Our society is distracted. Information comes at us from all directions vying for our attention. We are connected to streams of communication and constant activity. A wealth of knowledge is at our fingertips with answers for any conceivable question. We are more connected and social than ever before. The question is, at what price? Has […]

Television is a waste of time

Imagine taking the time spent watching television and devoting that to something worthwhile. Suddenly you have free time available to spend with loved ones or on developing new skills. No cable or dish means having one less bill to pay each month. If you want to watch a movie visit your local Redbox or video […]

How many keys?

Look at your keys. Are you carrying a five pound ball of metal, rubber and plastic? I have found that I only need a single keyring with keys for my car, apartment, and office. For rewards cards I tell the store clerk my phone number and they’ll honor my rewards points. Losing my keyring is […]

Water is the perfect drink

Our bodies contain a lot of water. In order for our organs to run smoothly we must stay hydrated. Try to drink eight glasses of water daily, if active drink more. Other drinks are best reserved for special occasions. Water is the perfect minimalist drink as it doesn’t contain sugar, preservatives, caffeine, chemicals, dyes or […]