Catching ideas

I have ideas all the time. Most are fleeting and not fully flushed out. Some ideas are for things I want to write, others are things I want to say, and still more are creative projects I want to try.

Recently I’ve started putting all that into Apple Notes. I have different notes for each, and put the ideas as bullet list items. Over time I forget most of them, but the act of writing them down is comforting. 

Sometimes, though, it’s worth it. The idea right before bed is actually a good one, and I run with it. 

One of my favorite moments of idea capture came four years ago. I woke in the middle of the night, around 2:00am, and had the initial idea for a novel. I grabbed voice memos and started talking to myself on my iPhone. I still have that voice memo and turned that short clip into a full transcript (the book isn’t published yet).