Creating without a feedback loop

I like to make things, to tinker, to think, to create. However, I don’t think the things I make can really drive me to last very long if I don’t have some kind of external feedback loop. Maybe that’s the difference between something built for a marketplace and being an artist. 

Writing books, blog posts, making podcasts, designing apps, all of that can be a lot of fun; but at the end of the day I crave hearing from someone whether the work I did made an impact. 

As I get older I want to keep learning how to do this, so that I can continue to find the energy to keep moving forward. It’s possible to create for a while in a cave, I’ve done it plenty of times, but eventually ideas need to surface, get feedback from the world, and allow the creator time to tweak and modify. 

Here’s to getting things into the world sooner.