Joshua Wold




I live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with my beautiful wife and energetic children (ages 5 and 1). Currently I work at XWP, helping to design and lead the UX efforts for our team. When I’m not working I enjoy reading, running, illustrating, photography, and a good board game night with friends (better not put the robber on my wheat!).


Curiosity and experience has led me into a career in illustration and design. This began with graphic design, then led into web design, and in the past five years I’ve embraced user experience design, as well as product design.

Over the past three years I’ve also been making the transition from primarily taking on design projects to also enabling and supporting a small of team of designers across a number of projects. This experience has helped me hone my own experience skills, while also helping to lead and encourage others. 

My goal with any project is to quickly identify the communication gaps between stakeholders and team members and encourage design thinking through a variety of tools (storyboarding, wireframes, etc). In my work with teams, clients, and customers, my goal is to listen and think about the issue from the user’s perspective.


2017 – PresentLeading UX/Product design – In 2017 I recognized a need for UX Design and Product Design at our company. After months of internal prep work and discussions, along with a few test projects, we agreed to move forward as a company and take on projects needing both design and development support. This has been such a rewarding experience. We’re assembling a design team to shape and define where we take this work across projects in the future. Our team has taken on efforts across a number of projects for Google, BigCommerce,, and more. 

2016 – 2017 – Product Owner – After seeing a need for roles that embraced the communication gap between our development team and our client stakeholders, I led the process of introducing Product Owners (CSPO) into our work. I was responsible for product definition across several projects, including Beachbody and Penske Media Group. and Google. 

With the success of my work as a Product Owner I helped to encourage the company to take it on as a permanent role, and several team members were brought on to support the work.

2015 – 2016 – Team Lead – Began by supporting enterprise level web development projects as a Team Lead for News Corp Australia and Thompson Reuters, as well as I was able to manage the work of a team of WordPress developers and support the projects by juggling deadlines, budgets and client expectations.

2013 – 2015 – Senior Web and Product Designer – My work involved helping to manage the brands of, and, I reported to the VP of Marketing and helped guide and assist our team of designers. The team atmosphere was a great opportunity for me to spend time learning from peer designers as well as helping to guide and support our more junior designers. My role involved UI/UX design, web design, front-end web development, and graphic design.

2007 – 2012. I co-founded a web design and development company, along with three other great folks. Together we focused on delivering great website design and development projects, and began creating our own software to help companies manage their sites online. 


2001. I began delving into graphic design and digital illustration. I quickly realized my future was going to be in web technology of some sort, and I threw myself into learning.

2002. I took a year long course in graphic design, offered through a local high school, leading to a 3 year part-time job working at a screen printing shop as their designer.

2003. Began college classes while in high school.

2004. Graduated from high school a few years early, having been homeschooled through California’s Charter school education program (Vision in Education) and itching to jump into college full-time for the next year.

From this point on I didn’t continue any formal education, but threw myself into learning web design and frontend development.