Joshua Wold




In both my personal and business life I’m constantly looking for opportunities to increase my skill level and experience. I love learning and sharing what I’m learning with others. Reading and running are a few of my favorite pastimes. I’ve found I can do them together by running and listening to audiobooks.


With a deep background in design principles, starting with illustration and leading into web design and, in recent years UI/UX and product design, I’ve spent my time learning the principles and practices of this field. My goal with any project is to quickly identify the communication gaps between stakeholders and team members and encourage design thinking through a variety of tools (storyboarding, wireframes, etc). In my work with teams, clients, and customers, my goal is to listen and think about the issue from the user’s perspective.


2016 – Present. Product Owner and Product Designer, responsible for product definition and UI/UX work across a range of projects for enterprise level web development projects.

2015 – 2016. Team Lead working with WordPress development teams and clients across a broad range of enterprise level web development projects. Responsible for managing deadlines, budgets and client expectations.

2013 – 2015. Senior Designer, managing the brands of, and My role involved UI/UX design, web design, front-end web development, and graphic design.

2007 – 2012. Co-founder, design lead, a startup focused on web design design and software development for small to medium sized businesses. 


2001. I began delving into graphic design and digital illustration. I quickly realized my future was going to be in web technology of some sort, and I threw myself into learning.

2002. I took a year long course in graphic design, offered through a local high school, leading to a 3 year part-time job working at a screen printing shop as their designer.

2003. Began college classes while in high school.

2004. Graduated from high school a few years early, having been homeschooled through California’s Charter school education program (Vision in Education) and itching to jump into college full-time for the next year.

From this point on I didn’t continue any formal education, but threw myself into learning web design and frontend development.