Downstream changes

I’ve been an avid listener of Downstream for the past two years. It’s the best resource I’ve found to understand why streaming companies make their decisions, where they’re doing well, and what’s looming on the horizon for each of them.

This interest started before I joined a streaming company, and continued as I keep trying to understand more about how companies function from a strategic perspective. This also ties in nicely with my long interest in Stratechery.

I was a bit distraught last night, hearing that one of the hosts, Julia, will be leaving, but in the same breadth realized it’s such an obvious pick for a streaming company to hire her. Her insights are gold. She’s one of the best voices in the industry on this topic, and whoever she goes to will be privileged to learn from her way of thinking.

Jason is such a fantastic host that I have faith in him finding a great co-host, but I will definitely miss Julia’s thoughts. Thanks for the amazing listening these last two years.