Finding a voice

I absolutely love a voice that has a take, an opinion, standing for something. I’m not specifically talking about political takes, although those do matter. What I’m talking about is the individual tastes and opinions that make up a person and come out in their writing, speaking, and creativity. 

It’s hard to get this from larger forms of media. Often that voice gets sanitzed and ground down. The goal at a larger organization, of course, is to have everyone in the org speak with one voice; but the reality is a dullness that is often uninteresting. 

This is why I love forms of media such as individual blogs or small podcasters. That person has developed a way of thinking and sharing; often through years of feedback and pushback, and has used that to continue sharing with their own opinions and biases built in. 

This is delightful, and the reason why I’ve stuck with some authors and podcasters for years (and in some case approaching decades). 

For several years I made myself write 1,000 words each day (with Saturdays being my exception). Most days my thoughts turned to drivel. It wasn’t worth much. But in the constant practice, and in reading and watching others to learn how to improve, something changed. I started to develop a take on things, a voice, a way of thinking.

Now; I feel an absolute novice if I compare to others. But that isn’t the point. We can each contribute something beautiful that will benefit at least one person. Our job, then, is to learn how to do that the best way we know how, improve with feedback, and find joy in the sharing.