Firing and hiring

My friend, Michał, just posted a fantastic piece touching on what it feels like to get fired, or to use the corporate speak term, “laid off”. 

Those tens of thousands of folks being fired from big techs aren’t just numbers. They are names and faces. It’s a known truth that the mass is easier to accept than the individual. I have experienced it and it changed my thinking a lot. I didn’t lose my self-esteem but I did lose my belief that my competences, skills and achievements can defend me.

I love this take. I’ve been working long enough to have the belief that my abilities are good enough to get great work done. I don’t lack self-esteem either at this point (although I did in the past0.

When you lose a job and don’t know how to get another one the fear and uncertainty grows and it feels overwhelming. My heart goes out to those looking and trying to navigate the world of figuring out the job market. I’ve been there and it’s tough.