Followup on books I’ve already read

When I read a book (and yes, I count listening as reading), I have different mental spaces for different reading times. Sometimes I want to learn, sometimes I want to relax, and sometimes I want to feel a specific emotion. When I’m re-reading a good novel I want to return a place I remembered before and walk through that journey again. When I’m starting a new novel I’m looking for ways to attach to characters, learn the story, and overall just figure out what’s going. New takes more energy, but is often worth it to uncover gems I’d never expect. Old is tried and true, so I find myself often picking up books to re-read because the ones I go back for have passed the test of time. 

Either way, enjoy reading, and my biggest advice is to stop if you’re bored. Don’t force yourself through, instead pause and pick up another book. Yes, you’ll abandon some, but overall you’ll read far more than if you tried to force yourself through.