Layoffs rupturing and bittersweet

I see this experience a bit like what happens after an intense fire burns a stretch of forest down to ash: seeds that were dormant and waiting for just that moment suddenly germinate and stretch up to the clear, bright sun.

Years ago (less than I wish) I was part of a company that had to let most of the team go. I really liked the team and enjoyed the things we built together. But right before the layoffs came I had a feeling; a sense of walls closing in. We were trying so hard, pushing in so many directions, flailing against the inevitability of math. 

In my heart I knew the company would be better without me; and I even told that to my wife on the Friday before the layoffs. When the news come I felt a mixture of terror and relief. The job market was still pretty good so I figured I could find another job before too long. I was still scared, since the work represented 100% of our income at the time. But I was also relieved because I could finally hang up my shoes on that particular challenge. Everything I’d tried couldn’t stop a greater market change with the project. It was time to move on; and I was thankful. 

A secret I share about these transitions is that big changes only make sense in hindsight. Some day, years from now most likely, you’ll look back and tell a beautiful story of getting laid off or fired or whathaveyou, and how from that dark and terrible moment came a new beginning. But when you are in the thick of it, when you don’t yet have the gift of a rearview mirror, it won’t feel anything like providence.

I agree completely. In hindsight I’ve seen less a direct distinct path to my current place, and more a series of steps as I try to push forward and find my way; they often connect in beautiful, unexpected ways. 

(Via everything changes)