Listening to my books

I like to write. I’ve written a few novels for fun and plugged away at them each day with a thousand words. For years I’ve tried to figure out a way to listen back to the words I wrote each day. Maybe I’ve missed something obvious, but nothing up to this point was working.

That changed today, though! I successfully found a workflow. 

I write my thousand words, or in this case, the start of my book, and paste that into descript (premium license required). Then, using their AI voices, I have it generate that into an MP3. I then upload that MP3 to Overcast (requires a premium subscription), my podcast player, and can then listen back to it while I run or go about my chores. 

It’s pretty amazing. Granted the voice isn’t that great yet, but it’s just enough to listen and get a sense for things. I love it.