More podcasts, less writing

I like getting ideas out. For years I’ve written in some form or other. Sometimes I keep that writing to myself, but sometimes I share it. This year I’ve been experimenting with something different. Instead of writing as much I’ve been podcasting. I don’t know if it’s going to scratch the itch for me all the way, but it’s been a ton of fun. 

So, if you’d like to hear me on audio chatting, please check the podcasts out. They’re free! – Where I talk with my co-host, Lance Robbins, about work and remote culture and trying to find a way through it all. It’s a lot of fun and we dive into our journey through working in tech. – Where I talk with my co-hosts, Saadia Carbis, and Luke Irivine, and we dive into talking about indie app development and all things Apple ecosystem. 

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