Nobody knows what they’re doing

We’re all kind of figuring out life as we move through it. In my experience those who are the most brazen about their superiority and feigned understanding of all things are often the ones most uncertain themselves.

I recently chatted with a friend, a generation older than me, about her own experiences on a topic that interested both of us. I asked her a few questions on the topic and was surprised at her responses. 

“I’m still learning about that.”

“That’s something I’m not sure about.”

“I hope to be able to study that more.” 

These were the tone of her responses on a topic that she frankly knows far more than me on. Her grace in having a learning mind, a willingness to keep discovering new things, was both refreshing and humbling. 

I hope to embed that thinking into my own brain, to be humble, to keep learning, and to ask questions.