On the slow horizon

I’m slowly getting back into video games. It’s a nice way to relax a bit at the end of the day.

Currently I’m switching (very slowly over months) between the Switch, iPhone, iPad, PC, and PlayStation. The latter two are on loan from my brother with their own libraries. 

This approach to playing games is lovely. I find something I enjoy and play it slowly, 20-60 minutes/night a few nights a week (sometimes more, sometimes less). Then I pause for a while until I find another game, rinse and repeat. 

My requirements are pretty simple. In general it needs to be a single player game, and I need to be able to pause it at any time (there are a few exceptions, namely if I’m playing with my family). Beyond that I prefer action roleplaying type games. Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Witcher III Wild Hunt, and Breath of the Wild have been some favorites over the last five years. 

Next on my list is to get a SteamDeck and PlayDate, but again I’m in no hurry. 

It’s fun to approach games with a much more chill perspective than when I was a kid. I’ll get to it eventually and I’ll enjoy it over time. 

One game I’m looking forward to, mainly for my kid’s sake, is Lego Horizon Adventures. It combines my son’s favorite game genre with my own. It will be fun to try it together.