On writing online

With the recent news about Automattic acquiring Tumblr, it’s got me thinking again on where and how I like sharing my thoughts online.

On Twitter I am happy to retweet, share links, and write short thoughts.

In times past I used Facebook for personal messages to friends and for posting pictures. I’ve mostly stopped now though, and will generally only post a few times a year to update family and friends that I rarely connect with.

On Instagram I posted faithfully for several years, sharing image updates of my family.

Now I’ve increasingly been looking for a place I can own, easily create content, and share for public and private consumption.

I’ve tried Tumblr, Path, WordPress, and the sites mentioned above. There’s no perfect solution for everything I want.

I’m inclined to try two WordPress sites. One for public, and another password protected for family and friends.

So far posting on the WordPress app on my phone feels the closest to what I’ve come to expect from a good social networking app.