One Monitor

One monitor can be more productive than two. I used to have two 22″ LCD monitors. Things like email and Skype went into the side monitor. When something new happened I would know immediately and could take action. I thought I was being more productive, now I realize it was a distraction. Jumping between multiple programs, conversations, and projects was considered an accomplishment.

Six months ago I bought my first MacBoo Pro, a 15″ laptop with the same resolution as one of the monitors. Now it’s all I use. My workflow has changed and become more simple. Things that might distract me, such as email, aren’t visible. Having less space requires me to only have up what is absolutely necessary. I work on one program at a time and am able to focus on the project at hand. It’s more minimal, and less distracting. What has been your experience with dual or single monitors?

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