Product Design at Automattic

The above sketch is from my work on the product filter blocks for WooCommerce. For the past three months I’ve been working at Automattic as a Product Designer with the WooCommerce team. The first few weeks were Support Rotation, followed by onboarding, and then jumping into some smaller projects and attending a few meetups. Right… Continue reading Product Design at Automattic

Why write

Over the years I’ve had various motivations for writing on this site. Recently the main reason has been because I have something I want to get out of my system. Writing can be for others to read, but it can also be for me to process how I’m thinking about something. So, I’ve begun writing… Continue reading Why write

My illustration process

Recently I did an illustration for Jonathan Wold for an article he wrote on his site. In this post I wanted to share a bit of the process, and hopefully inspire others with how messy it can be to get from the beginning to the end. We’ve worked together quite a bit in the past… Continue reading My illustration process