Google AMP

AMP for WordPress is a plugin in the WordPress ecosystem with 500,000+ active installations.

I’ve been working with the Google team as a Product Manager and a Product Designer as part of my role at XWP. I initially worked on this project several years ago, and picked back up from 2020 through 2021. Day to day, this means jumping in as an individual contributor, as well as supporting on high level product direction as we build the next version of the AMP for WordPress plugin.

Major contributions over the last year have included:

  • Onboarding – Designing a brand new onboarding experience for users. We rolled out version 1.0 last year, and are in the midst of redesigns to improve on it.
  • Marketing and branding – Creating a series of YouTube videos for branding and marketing purposes as a creative director, and illustrator.
  • Supporting the development team through myriad issues and iterating on improvements to the plugin throughout the Sprint cycles.
  • Onboarding additional team members, including a second senior designer to support with the work.

Below are a few screenshots representative of the work I’ve been doing.

Onboarding user flow
Error validation handling wireframes
Error validation handling designs
New dashboard settings experience.
Rebranding exercise.
Shot from an animated YouTube series.

Qoin is a cryptocurrency community, with roots going back 30 years from its parent Bartercard. I’ve helped support the team as its expanded beyond Australia into multiple countries.

This project began in late 2020. I came onboard Qoin with our team at XWP, supporting as the Product Manager. The client loved the work that we did, and over the course of a few months I transitioned to supporting as the Product Designer, and helped bring in a colleague to take over the Product Manager role. That’s freed me up to support the client in areas related to user interface and user experience.

I’ve helped across a number of areas, from information architecture, to product design, to illustration and interface design. The project is ongoing and as I work with the engineering team, client stakeholders, and Product Manager to move through each Sprint and focus on top priorities.

The primary areas of the product that I’ve supported with are redesigning the homepage experience, improving the onboarding experience overall, and creating a new interface for the merchant dashboard.

One of many initial concepts for the new homepage design and notifications.
Further iterations on concepts for the homepage.
Information architecture diagram to help build out the flow for a new system.
New iteration of the homepage and notification system.

The entire team has been amazing to work with, and we continue to iterate on shipping new improvements to the website and app as thousands of new users sign up.