Procrastinate, do it now

You really do have too much to do. Prioritization might be best in theory, but plain, gut-feel procrastination might be the right way to go. 

I love this way of thinking. I struggle with this immensely. I’m incredibly productive at times, and also let things drop for months on end. The trick to procrastination is to also not feel guilty about the things you’re letting go. If you figure that out please let me know. 

An important meeting turns out to be unimportant. The email you didn’t answer resolved itself.

If you can set aside the little things and focus on a thing or two that matters then you’ll come alive and find meaning in the few essential things you say yes to. 

Even something critical like accounting can be put off. Late fees, lost receipts, penalties from the IRS: financial burdens more than compensated by additional revenue gained by signing up one more customer.

Not offering any tax or financial advice here, but I love this take. Focusing on more, on the critical thing you can do, instead of all the draining things that sap your focus? That sounds thrilling. 

Companies succeed because they got just a few things really right, not because they had no problems, no bugs, no design flaws, and perfect books.


(Via A Smart Bear)