Quiet writing

I’ve struggled to figure out how to take things I like—such as great articles written by others—and how to save them. When I read something that stands out to me, speaks to me, I often look for a way to do something with that. 

Over the years this has led to me taking thousands of screenshots, saving into bookmarks, saving into the various apps I consume, and generally trying to store those things away. 

I’m trying a different tack now, something inspired by John Gruber. Whenever I see something interesting I save a link to an Apple Note. Over time that doc builds up with dozens, if not hundreds of links. Then, through the various podcasts I’ve hosted, or through my blog, I editorialize and publish my thoughts on the great things I’ve read.

It’s a calmer way of writing. I don’t have to force myself to think. I just go to the treasure chest of goodies I’ve saved over time, look through things, remix my own thoughts, and Steal Like an Artist. It’s a lot of fun. 

I don’t have a goal anymore of an article a day, or a specific wordcount. Instead I eagerly await the quiet moments where I can sit down and type out my thoughts.