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Traffic lights need improvement. You can tell by color whether to stop, or take caution, but you don’t know when to proceed until you finally see the green light. I watch progress of perpendicular lights to calculate when my wait will be over. A relative of mine accelerates while the light is red and moves into the intersection just as the light turns green; something I don’t advocate. This guessing game could be avoided with a simple modification.

Display a timer indicating the seconds remaining until the light turns green, similar to crosswalks, or turn the light orange prior to green. This transition process would indicate to the driver that they are almost ready to go. In England I saw traffic signals that took the second approach. This small tweak made a huge difference in usability. There is nothing new to setup in terms of hardware, it just requires some reprogramming. I always knew that the light was about to turn, I didn’t have to guess. This small change could go a long way in making intersections more user friendly.

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