Remember less

I picked up this tip from Leo Babauta. Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything. You go through your day with a nagging feeling that you have forgotten something. If life has become too complicated and you’re having to remember too much then try this simple suggestion.

Remember less. That’s right, reduce what you have to remember on a daily basis. Delegate tasks to others, you can’t do everything on your own. Lose the mindset that you are the only one capable of accomplishing a task, ask others to help. Be willing to say no. It’s better to say no to a project, something else you’ll be forced to remember, if you can’t give it your full attention, than to give it a half-hearted try and fail.

By simplifying your life and working to weed out the unnecessary things you’ll utimately have less to remember. Write down everything you have to remember on a daily basis and examine the list to see what can be removed, or abstracted. Next, check out these thoughts from Leo on how to create more time for your life.

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