Joshua Wold



I’ve been reading financial books on acquiring wealth and prosperity. I’m learning many Biblical principles about money and its value in our lives. I’ll be sharing more on that as time progresses. At the same time I’m reading another book by Jim Hohnberberg, called “Come Walk With Me”.

Jim shares his dreams and goals as a young man. In the eyes of many he acquired the American dream. He had a beautiful home in the country, an excellent income, a great job, a beautiful family, and the approval of his church. But with all these things he felt a void in his life. His marriage was in pieces, his children were afraid of him, and he couldn’t control his temper. He wanted to experience a real relationship with God. Ultimately he and his family moved into the wilderness of Montana in pursuit of a simpler life where they could focus on hearing God’s voice. The end result of God working in their lives has been powerful. Their lives, and the ministry that came as a result of their connection with God, have helped bless countless families, you can learn more at their website.

I’m searching for a balance between desiring to have financial freedom in my life without losing sight of what’s eternally important.

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