Save for later

There’s too many books to read, too many movies to watch, too many things to do. And so now I write down what I hope I might do, then forget about it. The things I hope to consume often find a way of bubbling back up. Does that mean I miss out on something amazing? Surely. But it’s a way I’ve found to handle the choas and not feel overwhelmed. 

I deferred reading Brandon Sanderson for several years. At one point ignored his books almost out of spite, because they were so popular with a particular group I was following. Now? I love his books, absolutely a top ten author for me (maybe higher if I was doing a GOAT list). I kind of wish I’d read him earlier, but the method works well. Now if I hear friends recommend a book a few times I’ll often try and push it higher on the list. But it’s ok. There’s far more out there I’d hope to read than is possible, and I’ve grown to accept that.