Sharing your story

I had a lovely chat today with Brian from While chatting we got on the topic of knowledge sharing, as that’s a large part of what he does each day.

One thing that strikes me, time and again, is how much insight each of us have on specific areas of interest. Over a lifetime we’ve learned things that have proven valuable in both our personal and professional lives. Those things eventually become so ingrained that they feel completely natural, and obvious.

However, for those who are starting out their journeys, these things are not obvious at all. I’ll use an example I’m more familiar with. Over the last decade I’ve spent a lot of time doing design of one type or another. As a part of that I’ve developed a number of frameworks or processes for how I get stuff done. That’s become second nature to me, as a result of learned habits, tons of reading, and watching how others do things.

When I try to break that down to share with someone else, it’s tempting to skip too many steps, and not actually be helpful.

What is often more helpful (I believe this was something I picked up from the Calm book), is sharing insights from something you’ve recently learned, as opposed to something you’ve known and graduated from years ago.

For anyone interested I’ll be sharing some insights on the design process I follow for some of the work I’ve been doing on WooCommerce. You can watch the talk for free at WooSesh, or read a similar article I posted on the topic.