I like to imagine that sketches are different than illustrations. A sketch is something that is generally unedited, and could be considered a first pass attempt at a concept. Over the coming months I plan to start sharing more of my sketches. They’re often relaxing and fun for me, and rarely take more than a few minutes.


Decided to start a project where I replace the profile photos of folks I commonly text with. This past week I’ve started seeing these faces popup and it inspired me to go and draw another one for my next friend who doesn’t yet have an image. These are meant to be fast scribbles and I’m not truly going for any likeness. Instead I’m attempting to try out different methods for drawing people. It’s fun practice.


This was a fun one. I wanted to write a post about my every day carry, and I was trying to imagine what the featured image could be. The inspiration came from deciding to just sketch out everything.