Stay low fidelity

If you’ve ever try to build something, at some point you’ll need to figure out what it should look like. As a result you’ll probably turn to creating a wireframe or prototype.

That’s a good thing. Try to get it into a visual medium (a sketch, a cardboard prop, a whiteboard diagram).

However, as you do that, always shoot for low fidelity. Meaning, keep it as rough and simple and quick for as long as possible. 1 minute invested into a napkin sketch means only 1 minute lost if you have to change plans. 10-20 minutes invested into a wireframe can just as easily be thrown away for a new idea. Once you spend the time to really get into the details and create a fully flushed out visual prototype you’ll quickly find you’ve become attached to it. At that point scrapping the whole thing is hard, almost impossible.

Try to stay simple and quick for as long as possible.