The next gadget

For my entire life I’ve looked forward to new gadgets. Sometimes it’s a notebook, a pen, a case, a backpack, or something else made of soft materials. But, more often then not it’s a hardware gadget. I spend far too much time reading about things like the Playdate, Rabbit R1, Remarkable 2, and much, much more. It’s fun for me.

In the past I felt guilty, that I was too consumerist, and should learn to be happy with having less. That’s not necessarily wrong, but part of it is I just love tinkering with things and learning how things were made. It’s so fun to get a new piece of hardware and explore it, see how it fits into my life (or doesn’t) and dream again about something else. I love it. 

Often I think about something for months, or years, and rarely get everything I think about. But it’s fun, and that’s ok. Current thing I’m dreaming about? The Apple Studio Display.