Things 3 and Reminders

Things 3 is my main to-do list. Its design is simple, elegant, and fits well with how my brain works.

The funny thing (ha) is, Things 3 is not too dissimilar from Apple’s built-in Reminders app. The app’s layouts are strikingly similar; there are two columns: one for lists, one for tasks. The features are similar: both support lists, sections inside lists, “folders” (called “Areas” in Things), tags, smart lists, due dates, etc. And both apps have similar platform support, with each supporting iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

I tried an experiment last Fall, switching from Things 3 to Reminders. I moved everything; but within a week had to move back. My life runs very tightly across Things and Apple Calendar (recently switched from Google Calendar) and I haven’t found a way to get Reminders to work the way I want.

I understand that’s part of the problem. If I want to use Apple Reminders I need to adjust how I think. I’m not quite willing to do that at this stage. Perhaps, like my switch from Bear to Apple Notes, whatever Cultured Code ships next may have solidify things. 

Via Andreas Reif