Things designers simply can’t do

This list from Brilliantcrank is, well, brilliant. Reading through I find myself nodding with each. This one especially resonates:

Designers are incapable of working well with developers and engineers if they can’t collaborate. Throwing work back and forth over a fence never produces great results. So stop doing it. Designers and developers should work side-by-side

As a designer I look to my fellow developers as partners to help with feasibility and possibility. We are in it together to solve a problem, and I don’t hold the keys to “design”. I’m not the gatekeeper, I’m the custodian and as such welcome feedback and pushback from the others working directly alongside me. 

Designers are incapable of coming to work excited, energized, and ready to deliver amazing work when they are merely asked to color in wireframes or make whatever engineering cooked up look “good.”

I’ve failed in teams where I was told to chuck things over to developers without getting their feedback. I’ve also failed when I was told to make things look pretty. 

When I have autonomy, time to wrestle and struggle through things, am part of a team where we’re pulling together with the right vision—well, that’s when magic happens.