Tornado warning

Recently we had a strong storm blow over our city at night time. We heard the tornado warning sirens and decided we better play it safe. We pulled mattresses, blankets, fresh water, and coats into the bathroom. We raced around the house grabbing what we considered to be essential to have with us. This pretty much amounted to our personal electronic devices (laptops and cell phones), my fire safe which holds important documents, and whatever we’d need to stay warm. Once we were ready we stepped outside and watched the clouds rolling in at 65 miles an hour, probably not the smartest idea. When the rain hit we ran inside and huddled in our bathtub. All in all it was an exciting evening, thankfully everything went over safely. In pondering the situation later I realized that anything we considered irreplaceable we had brought into the bathroom with us. Situations like this help you realize what’s really important. There are only a few things we consider crucial to our survival, the most important being that the people you love are safe.

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