Tree climbing

Who hasn’t enjoyed climbing trees as a kid? I still do. Given the opportunity I won’t hesitate to clamber up a tree and hang out in its branches. On more difficult trees I use ropes and climbing gear, otherwise I just use my arms and legs. My climbing gear is modified rock climbing gear, it’s perfect for getting into any tree if the first branch is no more than 40 feet off the ground. A large oak or maple with a full crown is an ideal tree to start off with.

Hanging out in trees is fun. I enjoy watching nature and listening to the sounds of the forest. If I’m up there long enough animals start to come out and carry on about their day. I’ve come up with a phrase called “tree time”. Spend enough time in a tree and you’ll lose track of time as nature opens up around you. It’s an amazing experience. There is something special about being up in a tree and holding onto its branches while a slight breeze blows and you watch the ground beneath.

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