Hi, I’m Joshua, a fractional product designer.

I’ve designed mobile apps for care at Greg and Dwell, ecosystem tools for Google, editorial workflows for Beachbody, team management software for Kona, and worked at Automattic, XWP, Benchmark, and Chestr.

For the past 15 years I’ve focused on continued learning to push the bounds of my creativity to find the best way to solve real problems. At the same time I’ve worked with incredible folks across teams and companies. I focus on bringing clarity to chaos, am eternally curious, and have a passion for connection and understanding.

I live in Idaho with my wife and two children. When I’m not working I enjoy reading, writing novels, and spending time outdoors with family and friends.


Working with a mobile startup on an iPhone app was a tremendous opportunity to learn the ins and outs of building a product in the consumer space. Greg is all about the needs of plants and helping build a community around encouraging others to find success with their little green beings. I supported as a senior product designer, working with the team to build out mobile designs for the app.

Our focus on improving retention and activation of users helped drive the product forward as we pushed through regular iterations, interviewed customers, and worked toward a product market fit.  


Worked across a handful of projects with teams at Google to support open source initiatives in the WordPress space. This included working with the team at XWP across a handful of Google projects, as well as several direct projects with Google as a contractor. During this time I supported the AMP and Material teams in their ecosystem activation work for WordPress. My roles ranged from product design to illustration and product management.

Bartercard Qoin

As part of the team at XWP, I helped improve the user experience of their customer facing software, including a better onboarding flow for the mobile app. My role was to jump in and help wherever needed, whether that meant iterating on the designs of the mobile app, or creating mockups to improve the community marketplace.

I worked closely with the CTO and engineers to identify the current data flows for the system, and find ways to improve them. I loved the unique challenge of bringing multiple skillsets to support the growing user base.



Curiosity, creativity, and community, matter so much to me. I love to read, write, and stay active. I’ve written 7.5 novels, and had the courage to self-publish three of them. When I’m not working I like to hike in the Idaho outdoors with my family and friends.