Working at work

Because of the types of companies I’ve worked with (mostly startups), and because of years of freelance with smaller teams, I’ve had the privilege to work with a ton of people since 2007.

In all that time the biggest factor that came down to my personal enjoyment of the work was the people. 

Yes, the work matters. I want to be part of projects that are going to have an impact, that will help people, and that will help me learn and grow. All those things are important, and if given the choice I want them all. 

But, above all the top factor is the few people I’m working with day to day. Do we feel like we’re in it together? Are we wrestling through a problem and trying to figure it out, or is one person dictacting to the rest what will happen? 

There are so many intricacies to being part of a team, and I’m still trying to understand them all. But, after all these years I am getting a good gut sense for whether the people aspect is in place, and when it is my joy for work shoots up.