Your voice matters

Is there something you care deeply about? 

Do you regularly find yourself frustrated with how things work?

Are you constantly thinking about ways to make something better?

Your voice should be shared. 

Even if you don’t feel that you’re the most qualified (hint: you rarely feel qualified), the impact you can create by sharing cannot be fully measured.

Recently a colleague of mine gave a talk at our company about an important topic related to privacy. We discussed the talk and the impact it made; taking a topic that some might not have paid as much attention to, and finding the angle to make it interesting and relevant.

I suggested he speak at public events with this topic. Initially he hesitated, citing some valuable reasons I can’t quite remember. 

What I felt impressed to do at that stage was push a bit harder and suggest he do the talk

He applied and was accepted.

Now, I know that I wasn’t the only reason for this happening, but I do recognize the value in personal connections and encouraging others to share their voice.