Hi, I’m Joshua

Howdy! My name is Joshua, as the domain suggests. For my entire adult life, close to 15 years as of this writing, I’ve been involved in helping to build things on the web. Back in the old days, that meant making web pages out of HTML tables and Macromedia Flash animations. Slight shudder. 

These days I am working with the incredibly talented team at Greg.app to build a little plant app that helps folks tackle the wonderful chaos of growing plants. My focus right now is that of a product designer.

Some clients and teams I’ve worked on and with include Google, XWP, Beachbody, Automattic, open source contributions in WordPress, Thompson Reuters, PMC, and a bunch more. 

I’m incredibly thankful for this awesome line of work that I stumbled into as a teenager. I’m a generalist designer turned product designer over the past five years. Whether it’s graphic design, screen printing, illustration, sketching, web design, frontend development, interface design, user experience design, creative director, or a bunch of other things (including Certified Scrum Product Owner and Team Lead), I’ve tried my hands at a lot of different areas of focus. My through line has been following my curiosity and findings ways to help people around me. Those two guiding beacons push me forward. 

One of my favorite lines from a recent book (and I’ll paraphrase because I can’t remember exactly), has become a focus for 2022: Try to work just short of the edge of impossible. 

I love being curious, pursing creativity, and building connections with those around me. 

My portfolio below is woefully outdated, but indicates things I’ve worked on in years past. Hit me up if you have questions!

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