Author: Joshua

Apple Notes Drawing

While at the Apple store I was re-inspired to try the tap-to-wake function on an iPad with the Apple Pencil. It’s pretty slick. In an instant you’re in a new Apple Notes sketching away. I tested the idea out today with an idea I had for a design and was struck by the immediacy of […]

On defense of (some) meetings

I don’t like meetings. I do like meetings. I get bored in Zoom, I light up and have the best moment of my day in Google Meet. Context matters. When I say that I don’t like meetings, there’s a certain type of meeting I don’t like.  When I see some espouse the virtues of meetings, […]

Writing for a living

I’ve long followed the likes of other writers, and been in awe of their ability to charge a subscription, or generate ad revenue, from their writing. It’s something I’ve thought about for myself; and there may be a future there, but more importantly I believe writing for the sake of creating positive impact matters more. 

It’s hard, and that’s ok

Life is so wonderfully amazingly hard and beautiful all the same time. Some days I feel the energy and passion to conquer the world; other days I feel overwhelmed and full of doubt.  Both of these can be true at the same time. People are so full of conflicting emotions, thoughts, and abilities. Today I […]

Fast drawing

On the topic of drawing on the iPad, It strikes me that I don’t use the Apple Notes quick draw feature. You tap on the iPad with the pencil and it instantly opens Apple Notes; that’s pretty sweet. I just wish that I could do it with Freeform instead.  Update: Apparently you can do this […]

Doing something hard

For the last six months I’ve been working with a small team to build up something new. We’re working within a larger startup with a beloved product, and looking at ways to increase delight and impact for users.  The thing I’m seeing, and reminded of from past experiences, is that building something from scratch is […]

Apple Pencil Pro first look

Last night I got to test out the new Apple Pencil Pro for the first time. Though I’ve heard many writers and podcasters comment on the new iPads, I’ve been hoping for a review on how the Pencil works for designers. More specifically, I’m a UI/UX designer and use an iPad Mini daily to sketch […]

Resumes aren’t story telling

Resumes set a baseline for what you did or did not do during your career. They are an outline to look at, but they don’t represent the true color and story of a person. People are so varied in their journeys. On paper a resume looks like a linear timeline of someone progressing forward to an […]


In this life so many feel alone, feel like they are the one adrift among a sea of people, without an anchor or an understanding of someone to truly feel connected with. All of us have felt it at one time or another, and we crave the connection that comes with knowing others, with feeling understood, […]

The rollercoaster continues

It’s crazy how much we’re affected by factors outside of us. We try to limit how much our emotions are modified by anything but ourselves, but often find it impossible. Have a rough night sleep? The next day may be harder. Have a challenging conversation with someone? It’s likely to change our outlook for hours.  […]


What do you do when you’ve approached the point of frustration where everything seems like it’s about to boil over, where the smallest inconvenience turns into an insurmountable obstacle ready to overwhelm and disrupt your entire day? What do you do when every part of your inward being is calling out to stop, to run, […]

The best smoothie

Every day, for the last few years, I’ve made a smoothie to replace breakfast. Here’s the recipe for others who may be interested. It was shared with me by a local coffee shop, and I’ve tweaked the ingredients a bit based on what I like. Recipe for 2 people A few notes:

What rest brings

I ended the week exhausted. I’d pushed every bit of my energy to the last moment, gave everything I had, then shut it all down. Now; unlike in times past that did not mean pushing all nighters. It didn’t mean pushing forward every waking moment. However, it meant bringing everything I could to solve the […]

Creating without a feedback loop

I like to make things, to tinker, to think, to create. However, I don’t think the things I make can really drive me to last very long if I don’t have some kind of external feedback loop. Maybe that’s the difference between something built for a marketplace and being an artist.  Writing books, blog posts, […]

Manager schedule versus maker schedule

This week we had the privilege of being joined by a fantastic guest, Larry Miller, on Fractional. Lance and I dove into talking about the challenges of being a maker and a manager, ala Paul Graham’s fantastic article.  We also talked about the challenges and loss of information with with leaders and individual contributors in […]

I had an affinity for you

Canva is buying Affinity. I tried to like Affinity Designer, Publisher, and Photo. I tried so hard so many times. But maybe because I’m getting old I could never work them into how I think and design. These days I do all my design with hand drawing out on iPad (in Freeform), Figma, and occassionally […]

KJayMiller: On personal blogs and AI

“If writing is not your thing that is okay. There are other ways of communication that you can lean on to help. If you are better at talking through a point, then create audio or even video (you can also publish these) and use AI to transcribe your content and then modify it to read […]

Save for later

There’s too many books to read, too many movies to watch, too many things to do. And so now I write down what I hope I might do, then forget about it. The things I hope to consume often find a way of bubbling back up. Does that mean I miss out on something amazing? […]


As a teenager I was struck by the care of a friend when I didn’t deserve it. I’d used anger and been unkind, and in return this friend showed love. It turned my world around. This was someone outside my family, who owed me nothing, and chose in that moment to help me see a […]

Having a purpose

Over the last two decades I’ve pushed myself in many ways in business; whether it’s writing seven novels, starting six podcasts, beginning several startups, building teams, honing my craft, reading voraciously, or testing out as many ideas as I could imagine to see what would stick. I’ve always felt the need to try something, to […]