Author: Joshua

On Writing

Writing for me has become a creative outflow to process my thoughts. Sometimes it means taking the time to write something out in order to better understand a thing and process it. At other times it means spending that time to write out the thing I wish I could read, that I wish someone else […]

A new office chair that makes me sit correctly

My process for buying a new product is, from an outsider’s perspective, rather slow and uncertain. I often spend months thinking about a product and trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it into my personal or work life. My new office chair was no exception. For six months I researched chair options, […]

Sharing your story

I had a lovely chat today with Brian from While chatting we got on the topic of knowledge sharing, as that’s a large part of what he does each day. One thing that strikes me, time and again, is how much insight each of us have on specific areas of interest. Over a lifetime […]

A demand to create

I believe inside all of us exists a desire to create. Most of the time we’re merely consumers, passively or actively. For those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to make time and space, we have an opportunity to use our abilities to add something to the world. The more I slow […]