Buy now

Don’t buy for the future, buy for now. When you need to make a purchase, especially a big purchase, avoid the impulse to buy big for future needs. I’ll give two examples.

  • Vehicles
    Buy a car that matches your current needs. If you are planning to buy an SUV or minivan see if you can work your life around a sedan. Examine your actual needs, don’t go off of imaginary scenarios, go with the facts. It’s better to purchase a smaller car and eventually be forced to grow out of it then to buy bigger than your needs and take on extra expenses. You’ll save money on the purchase of the vehicle, the gas, insurance, and repairs. And when it comes to trips you can pack light!
  • Homes
    When we got married my wife and I started out in a one bedroom apartment. It was wonderful. Everything we needed was close by and easy to find. Cleaning was easy. We could have rented a larger apartment or house but chose to save money. We paid less in rent, utilities, and ultimately bought less stuff because it wouldn’t fit! We were comfortable and saving money. If you feel you need a bigger place examine your actual needs, try to do with less and make it work. Get rid of things and downsize. Living small is simpler and less stressful.

Thanks to my friends David and Wes for inspiring me to write this.

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