Feature creep pt 1

More features doesn’t mean better. Case in point is the microwave. Ours has 28 buttons, including a help button. I just want to heat my food. I don’t need a clock, a help button, or anything else. Trying to heat food has been frustrating. I keep pressing the wrong buttons. Our office microwave requires the door to be open to set the cook time, at home the door has to be closed. I stand in front of the microwave for a few seconds trying to figure out what buttons to press. I shouldn’t have to think. Using a microwave should be a thoughtless process.

Microwaves are necessary for two things, heating and defrosting. The perfect microwave would detect what your food needs and heat accordingly, no buttons required. Since I don’t think we’re there yet with technology I’d recommend a single knob for setting the heat time and a switch for heat and defrost. That’s it. Simple. Less buttons, less confusion.


Several of my friends had the same problem. They tried to get the microwave to work and spent several minutes stumped by a piece of machinery. I’m sure the manufacturers didn’t intend this, but there’s an initiation involved in getting this microwave to function properly. I finally figured it out, the first six numbers on the dial pad correspond to how many minutes you want to cook your food. If you want to warm your soup for two minutes just press the number two, that’s it. Phew, that was easy, right?

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